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Small Business Mastermind Group Business Heroes

Small Business Mastermind Group – Business Heroes

Join What over 11,000 Other Small Business Owners Are Doing Locally or Virtually – Mastermind Groups.

Welcome Entrepreneurs!

We understand that finding solutions to your business needs can be overwhelming. We also know that running a business can sometimes be a lonely endeavor.

Infusionsoft has created the Business Heroes community just for you! Pursuing your passion and going after your dreams makes you a hero in our book – you don’t need a cape and superpowers to demonstrate courage.

Collaborate with other entrepreneurs and receive the tools, resources, and support you need to be successful.

Please register to join our small business mastermind group and meet other entrepreneurs who share many of the same challenges you do.

We are offering this Small Business Mastermind Group through both a local meeting or a Virtual meeting.

So Who Is This Mastermind Group For?

This Small Business Mastermind Group is open to any Small Business Owner who wants to grow their business, expand their network and get a fresh perspective on the way they are running their business. ‘Yes’ this Mastermind Group is sponsored by Infusionsoft, yet you do not have to be an Infusionsoft customer to attend the Mastermind Group, it is open to any Small Business Owner or Manager who wants to develop their business and themselves for the better. ‘Oh’ and did you already pick up it is a ‘Free service’ too?

So How Does The Mastermind Group Work?

When you join our small business mastermind group you’ll be sent advanced notice of each event that is held monthly. You are given a choice of whether you want to attend one of our Local Venue masterclasses or attend a separate online Webclass. You are sent clear instructions on how to attend either of these mastermind groups and be involved in the real-time discussion.   Each mastermind class last’s for two hours. The first hour’s content covers learning about a specific topic which has been pre-determined from suggestions by our users and your Masterclass Coach, and the second hour handles any clarifying questions and how to practically apply this in your business.

Hosted By An Experienced Business Coach & Infusionsoft Certified Partner

Mastermind Group LeaderEach Mastermind Group is hosted by Neil Sinclair who is an experienced Business Coach having worked with over 350 small businesses since 2001. Neil is also an Infusionsoft Certified Partner so is qualified to also give any advice on systematisation or automation of any of the facets of your business. Neil offers you access to over 450 business tools and strategies, which can be used to help you grow your business. You can find out more about Neil Sinclair in his Biography on this Libabun Website

Are These Mastermind Groups Really Free?

“YES” they are! There is no charge for Neil’s advice, services or materials used at the Monthly Mastermind Group. If you attend the Local Venue in Christchurch, we ask you to buy a cup of coffee and a muffin to support Bealey’s for letting us use their venue. So you may be thinking “Why is this mastermind group free?” Well, both Infusionsoft’s Culture and Neil Sinclair from are passionate about helping Small Business owners around the world succeed.“We believe the best way to promote our services is by show you we can help you by actually helping you during the mastermind group.” So there is no hidden agenda or hidden cost, there’s just Neil and Infusionsoft helping you develop your skills to grow your business.

So What Subjects Are Covered In These Mastermind Groups?

Each monthly mastermind session will cover a different topic, these topics are decided from feedback from the thousands of Mastermind Group attendees around the world and the Business Heroes Coaches and Facilitators. Here are the Topics for the next few months:

September 2017 – “Landing Pages – Why you need them and how to use them to get more leads!”

During this Free workshop you will learn;

  1. How to create attention-grabbing Landing Page headlines;
  2. The 6 ‘Top Tips’ to Help You Design a Landing Page that converts;
  3. How to conduct marketing segmentation to makes the most effective landing pages on the planet;
  4. All the basics on developing effective landing pages and when to use them;
  5. How to access to a range of Landing Page templates to give you dozens of examples of Landing page designs;
  6. The key supportive development tools and information for designing and developing Landing Pages.
October 2017 – “Facebook Marketing – How To Use Facebook correctly to Market your business!”
November 2017 – “Business Networking – How To Network correctly and systemise your follow up for better results!”
December 2017 – “Wicked Business Reporting – How to use your data and maximise your reports for real results!”
So Where Is The Mastermind Group In Christchurch?

Local Christchurch Venue: Bealey’s Speights Ale House, 263 Bealey Avenue, Christchurch Central, Christchurch 8013

When: 2nd Tuesday of Every Month from 10.00am-12.00pm

Book Your Place Now: Book your place now and get a confirmation email that you have reserved a seat. (Maximum of 40 People)

So When Is The Virtual Mastermind Groups Online?

Virtual Mastermind Group: Web class on the Internet

When: 2nd Wednesday of Every Month from 10.00am-12.00pm Local Time.

Note: You have two Web classes to choose from depending on your most suitable Local Time

WebClass 1: 10am-12pm New Zealand local time

WebClass 2: 10am-12pm UK local time.

Book Your Place Now: Book your place now and get a confirmation email that you have registered and links for the web class login will be sent to you.

Business Heroes Mastermind Group
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