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Matt Lambert Conversationware

“Neil has consistently improved our understanding of how to run a business and stay above the line of empowerment. It’s all in the planning and taking ownership.”

Matt Lambert, Conversationware
Claire Harris Pets 2 Places

“Neil’s LibabunBEN networking group has been beneficial to me to learn more about building and running a business

I’ve picked up lots of knowledge and ideas to help me be a better Leader and Business Owner.”

Darren Pyefinch Personal Trainer

“Excellent coaching from Neil at LibAbun. I’ve learned so much about how to run a business the right way in just a few short months, and my sales turnover doubled.”

Small Business Training Webinar – ‘Learn How To Better Manage Your Small Business With LibAbunBEN’

In this webinar we will show you how we provide our ‘On-demand’ Small Business training so you can learn how to better manage the growth of your business.

This is a 40-minute ‘On-demand’ webinar. During this webinar, Founder of LibAbun – Neil Sinclair, discusses the five key areas of what LibAbunBEN is all about. This webinar will demonstrate to you how our Small Business training and support framework can help you.

We understand that as a Small Business, you are busy and therefore, you have a vast variety of tasks to manage and perform each day. Because you are busy, it is vital you set time aside each week to focus on business growth. Investing time each week to focus on how to best grow your Small Business is a very important part of your responsibilities. It doesn’t matter if you are the owner of your business, or an employee in your business, we all have a responsibility to help our business grow. See how our training and support will help you achieve this growth.

We have developed and tested a new service LibAbunBEN, a Business Educational Network. LibAbunBEN is a Training Course specifically for small businesses. It provides you with the framework and support to focus on business growth. We have beta tested this Small Business Training with a number of real Businesses. All the businesses in the beta test grew between 30%-80% in their first 6-months on LibAbunBEN.

Watch this 40-minute Webinar to find out what LibAbunBEN is all about and how LibAbunBEN can help you.

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