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Learn about your email reputation score and how its affected.

This report – Email Marketing Best Practices highlights the steps you need to take to improve your sender score reputations with all email service providers. This will increase the percentage of emails you send out actually getting into your prospects or customers ’email in-box’.

Email Marketing is more sophisticated than you may think! Many people I have spoken to about Email Marketing think it is a free and basic marketing strategy, where they can put together some marketing copy, perhaps include some images then send it off to their lists and ‘Hey Presto’ it magically appears in their entire lists Inbox.

The reality is that it is a lot more complicated than that and what’s even more tragic is that most small business owners don’t find out enough about the mechanics to get their emails into their target markets inbox and how to conduct all future marketing to keep getting their emails delivered to their contact lists.

Learn More About Email Marketing Best Practises…

Once you download this report if you want to learn more about Email Marketing Best Practices on our blog on this subject contained on our LibAbun website.

Note: Ignore this advice on email marketing at your peril. People who conduct email marketing to bought lists or lists that have not ‘Opted-in’ to receiving your email marketing will severely damage their email reputation scores with all the email service providers. It is also highly likely that you could damage your Search Engine Optimisation rankings too if you are emailing out with an email address that contains your main website’s URL address in your email address.

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