Compounding Business Growth Formula

Business Growth

If you want to achieve business growth in your small business then, you better have some sort of formula to do this. Trying to achieve growth without a clear plan and a framework to help you do it is a much harder way to grow your business.

Our LibAbun Compounding Business Growth Formula will highlight to you how we have grown hundreds of businesses. These typically grow by 50% or more year on year. Some have even doubled year on year. 

Learn the eight Key categories in this Formula so you can ensure you work on all eight areas throughout the year. It is vital you do work on all eight areas to ensure you receive the most benefit from the ‘Compounding effect’ of this formula.

This webinar is available as a Free Business Webinar on our ‘LibAbunLAB’. This is our LibAbun membership site that has many free business training courses on it. You simply need to register your details in the form on this page and you will be emailed access to the webinar and the free courses on the LibAbunLAB.

Business Development Strategies

During this webinar we will also share with you 24 Business development strategies. We have used these within hundreds of small businesses to create the growth they were looking for.

These 24 growth strategies fit within all eight key categories of the ‘Formula’.

The 24 business development strategies are just a small selection from the 500+ growth strategies we have available.  We will help you identify the best business strategies to help your small businesses grow, automate and thrive.

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Online Business Coaching

Our online business coaching ensures all our clients are effectively applying this formula to achieve their growth targets.

It doesn’t matter what sized business you have. From Self-employed business people through to much larger businesses, this compounding business growth formula works for all businesses.

The Key here is to manage the application of the growth strategies in the smartest way, so you can maximise the business development opportunities.

LibAbun provides a great service to all our clients that includes setting up reports so we can accurately measure the results in your business. We set up reports for you using your very own Google Search Console and Google Analytics Accounts. We also help you set up your monthly financial reports so you get an up to date Profit and Loss report every month. You also get a Cashflow report every month. 

Once the business profits kick in, we also start educating you on reviewing your Balance sheet, which tells you your net worth. It is vital to make sure you are doing the appropriate tax planning so you have no tax surprises, when they become due. This is simply an indication that you are successfully growing your business.

If you’d like to find out more about how you too could apply our growth formula into your business, then reach out to us by claiming your online business growth audit. This service is totally free, it just requires some of your time. We do ask you to watch this webinar first so you understand the formula we are going to use to help you grow, automate and thrive in business

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