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Libabun Business Success Platform

Four Services - 1 Provider - Simplifying Your Business...

Four Business Success Platform services from one provider...
Saving you time, making you money - Fantastic Service, fantastic value!

"Get more quotes out each month in less time, win more jobs, make more money and profit.
Finally, a business success platform service that increases your productivity, actually frees up your time and makes you more money! Consequently, we help you lift your game. We guarantee 'profitable results' from our services!"
Neil Sinclair Founder of LibAbun
Neil Sinclair
M.D. - LibAbun Business Services Agency

What's Included In Our 4-In-1 BSP Service?

BSP Service #1 - CRM Support & Training

Liberator #1

ServiceM8 CRM specialist

This ‘Liberator’ team member will set-up your ServiceM8 CRM. They will also train any team you have, check and support your CRM activities – daily.

Business Success Platform CRM LIberator

BSP Service #1 – CRM Liberator

Our Libabun Team will set up your ServiceM8 CRM application. We will train your entire team how to use ServiceM8 on Desktop and Mobile to manage your ‘daily tasks and jobs’. As part of this service, you will also get a dedicated ‘CRM Liberator’ who is a member of our LibAbun Team. 

Your CRM Liberator will check your CRM daily to ensure all tasks, follow- ups and automated communications have happened. They will communicate directly to your business on the status of all your work. As a result, your CRM Liberator will also be your point of contact for any ServiceM8 CRM related enquiries.

See a Video demonstration of ServiceM8, all features are available and function in the UK.

Take up a 14-Day Trial - No obligation to continue after trial and No Credit card needed for the trial.

BSP Service #2 - Social Media Management

Business Success Platform Social Media Liberator

Liberator #2

Social Media specialist

This ‘Liberator’ team member will set-up and manage all your Social Media channels and campaigns. This service will increase the quantity and quality of your business leads.

Business Success Platform Social Media Liberator

BSP Service #2 – Social Media Liberator

Social Media is a fantastic way to grow your business and provide social proof of the quality of your services. Unfortunately, most businesses don’t allocate enough time to consistently conduct Social Media Campaigns. To overcome these restrictions, We provide you with your own dedicated ‘Social Media Liberator’ who will conduct most of your Social Media posts. Your Social Media Liberator will manage your campaigns for you to get that consistency of results. 

We also encourage and teach your team how to post on your business social media pages. Our team will even set-up your business pages on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter and Google My Business, if you don’t have any of these. As a result of this service your Social Media activities are synced to your business website and CRM system. You will achieve greater synergies by using some of your existing activities/work and sharing it on Social Media to build your reputation.

BSP Service #3 - Website Design & Support

Liberator #3

Website Design specialist

This ‘Liberator’ team member will review & set-up your website so that it is optimised for the best Local SEO for your target market. This will also increase quality and quantity of leads and increase rankings.

Business Success Platform Website Liberator

BSP Service #3 – Website Liberator

You need an effective website that is integrated with your CRM system above to create greater synergies for your business.

Consequently, it is also vital you get your website set-up and optimised correctly to have any chance of ranking well on Google.

Our team will do this for you as part of our Business Success Platform service. We also ensure you have an active ‘Chatbot’ on your website to take enquiries online. As a result, this service helps generate good-quality leads.

Our Optimisation service includes ensuring you have the right keywords listed on your website pages and your website is fast to upload for your target market. Both these are vital to help your rankings.

We also will host and backup your website daily. Your ‘Website Liberator’ will also sync to and provide, monthly website ranking reports from Google Search Console and Google Analytics. As such, we will recommend any changes based on these reports each month. This means, you can have ‘total peace of mind’ your website is effective and functioning correctly for you by helping you market and sell your services.

BSP Service #4 - Bookkeeping & Accounting

Liberator #4

Accounting & Bookkeeping

These ‘Liberator’ team members will conduct all your bookkeeping every week and perform all your Accoutancy monthly, quarterly and annual reports. You will get ‘Total Peace of mind’ and make a lot more money.

Business Success Platform Accounting Liberator

BSP Service #4 – Accounting & Bookkeeping Liberator

Critical to your business success is to ensure your Business has the right Company set-up for your personal circumstances. It’s also vital you have up-to-date and accurate monthly financial accounts to make informed management decisions on your progression towards your goals. We also ensure you claim the maximum amount of Tax deductible expenses possible and we minimise your taxation to pay.

Consequently, part of our BSP service we provide is an Accounting and Bookkeeping service that is synced and focused directly to your business goals. We will conduct all your Bookkeeping and data entry for you every week, so your accounts are no more than a few days old.

Your ‘Accounting Liberator’ will also provide you with Monthly Financial reports and teach you how to best interpret these too. Our team of Qualified Accountants and Bookkeepers will do the job right for you, the first time, and save you a vast amount of Accounts admin time and expense. As a result, the syncing of this service to the other 3 services is critical in not just saving you money, but making you more money too.


All-In-One Business Support Service

  • Integrated CRM system
  • Optimise and improve your website
  • Integrate your Social Media Marketing with CRM and Website
  • Supply you a complete Accounting and Bookkeeping service to optimise financial results and save you vasts amount of time and money.
“All this for less than the monthly cost of an Office Administrator!” – Brilliant!

Better support, advice, and business. Better see our Business Success Platform service!

The LibAbun Business Success Platform services are an ‘all-in-one’ service designed specifically for businesses that want to sustainably grow.

We will automate much of your lead and customer contact as well as much of your business admin. Our team will literally save you many hours of after-hours business admin and hassle. Freeing up time!

In Summary, we deliver a comprehensive CRM system. Our ‘Liberators’ also manage your business website and Social Media needs.

Finally, we take care of all your Accounting and Bookkeeping needs too. You get your own qualified LibAbun support person for each of these areas, all for less than the monthly cost of an Office Administrator.


CRM System

Business CRM

You get your own Business CRM that is designed to automate all your appointments, quotes, sales and customer service follow up.

Your Own CRM Liberator Advisor

A CRM Advisor will be assigned to you who will manage all your CRM campaigns. As a result, you just need to enter some basic contact details and we will do the rest for you.

Saving You Vast Amounts of Time & Hassle.

We save you vasts amount of time each week because we simplify and automate your Appointments, Quotes, Invoices and Prospect/Customer follow up. Additionally, you can do much of this via your I-Phone or I-Pad.

Website SEO

Website Optimised For Local Search

We will ensure you have a website that is fully optimised for Local Search and is bringing you in quality leads for your entire range of services.

Your Own Website Liberator Advisor

You'll be assigned your own Website Advisor who will manage all your optimisation amendments and reports. Interestingly, our Website Liberators are trained to focus on helping you grow your business, not just be a Keypad cruncher.

No More Computer SEO Ninja Tactics

We keep you in the know of everything that we do to optimise your website. Our team are 100% transparent with you and will explain what work we have done for you. As a result, no more Computer Services Ninja jargon you don't know about.

Social Media Management

Optimised Social Media Marketing

Social Proof is a massive part of attracting new customers and keeping existing ones. We will link and optimise your social media with your website and CRM. Resulting in, you attracting more and much better quality leads.

Your Own Social Media Liberator

A member of our team will coordinate your Social Media Campaigns and posts. We recommend you use your before and after photos for you daily jobs, because Social Proof drives more and new business.

Business Accounting and Bookkeeping

Your Own Accounting Liberator Advisor

We provide you a complete Accounting and Bookkeeping service that delivers all your Business and Personal Tax returns. Your assigned 'Accounting Liberator' will also conduct all of your bookkeeping data entry and reconciliation work. Consequently, saving you vasts amount of accounts admin time, money and hassle.

Get Your Business Structure Correctly Aligned

Your business structure needs to be aligned and set up to support you to attain your business goals. Our entire LibAbun team will alway keep your business goals in mind when performing our services.

We Guarantee You Profitable Results.

All our customers receive our '26 week guarantee'. Which is "We guarantee to increase your monthly gross profit by more than the investment in our BSP Package within 26 Weeks or our services become free until we do."

Business Success Platform(BSP) Pricing
(Set-Up Fee For All Businesses Prior to Fixed Monthly Fee commencing.)

All Four Packages

Include these Services
  • Your own dedicated 'CRM Liberator' Manager
  • Daily ServiceM8 License Management
  • CRM Training for you and your entire team
  • Your own dedicated 'Website Liberator' Manager
  • Website optimisation and maanagement on WordPress
  • Elementor Pro License included
  • Google Search Console & Google Analytics Reporting
  • Monthly Website Stats Reporting and Amendments
  • Website Chatbot setup and monitoring
  • Your own dedicated 'Social Media Liberator' Manager
  • Social Media Page Set-Up & Campaign Management
  • Your own dedicated 'Accounting Liberator' Manager
  • Complete Accounting Service For All Tax Returns/Reports
  • Complete Bookkeeping Service conducting your Accounts data entry
  • Xero Accounting License Included
  • Monthly Financial Reports Provided EVERY Month.
  • All Tax Returns and VAT Returns included
  • Monthly Coaching Sessions to advise strategy
  • Quaterly Board Meeting To Review Performance
  • Our '26 Week' Profit Guarantee is included

Business Success Platform Service Set Up Fee - Compulsory!

£ £1295 +VAT One-time cost
  • Introduction to your dedicated 'CRM Liberator' Manager
  • Your ServiceM8 CRM initial Set-Up
  • Training on ServiceM8 CRM for any respective Admin and Field Staff
  • Introduction to your dedicated 'Website Liberator' Manager
  • Set-Up Your Website on WordPress
  • Elementor Pro Theme Website License
  • Set-up Website Hosting and Back-up service.
  • Introduction to your dedicated 'Social Media Liberator' Manager
  • Set-Up Social Media Business Pages on Social Media Platforms
  • Introduction to your dedicated 'Accounting Liberator' Manager
  • Review Your Current Business Model Set-Up To Optimise Tax Efficiency
  • Set Up Business Accounts on Xero Accounting Software
  • Set-up on Hubdoc to automate receipts

Business Success Platform(BSP) Fixed Monthly Pricing
(Fixed Monthly Fee based on your current annual sales figures)

Guaranteed Profitable Results Or Our Business Success Platform Services Are Free...

We will only offer you to work with you and deliver our Business Success Platform services, if we can Guarantee its going to make you more Money and Profit within 26 weeks of starting with us!

Why would you want to work with any service providers if they weren’t going to save you time or make you more money? How would you like to receive both?

As part of the ‘Review process’ we will conduct a ‘Business Growth Audit’ with you to assess and explain to you, your current situation and the business growth options for your business.

Finally, We will only offer to work with you if we can demonstrate and agree with you there are ample growth opportunities for your business to make a profitable investment working with our LibAbun team within the ‘initial 26 week’ period.

Business Success Platform Services 'FAQ's

Are these services available as separate services?

Short answer: 'NO'. The reason for this is because the synergies we create by combining all 4 services as one provider is where we create much of our value to guarantee you profitable results. This requires a coordinated approach to your business growth through each of these services.

Who are the 'Liberators'?

Our 'Liberators' are trained Libabun team members who specialise in their field. We have CRM Liberators trained to use, advise and train others how to use ServiceM8 and Keap CRM systems. There are 'Website Liberators' who are trained Website Specialists. We have 'Social Media Liberators' who are also trained to use each of the Social Media Packages we use. Additionally, there also are 'Accounting/Bookkeeping Liberators' who are Certified Accountants or Bookkeepers. They are also 'Xero Certified' to use and advise others in using the Xero Accounting Software.

How do the Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum Packages Differ?

The Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Platinum packages receive exactly the same range of services. However as the size of the business grows, the amount of work our 'Liberators' need to do to correctly support each business also increases. For example, the number of job entries and financial transactions each month a Gold Package business conducts compared to a Bronze or Silver Package Business is significantly more. This requires much more work and coordination from within our 'Liberators' team and with our client. Hence the different priced packages based on the size of your annual turnover.

What Licenses and Costs are Covered with my monthly fee?

Your fixed monthly fee covers the following;

  1. All LibAbun Liberator team labour and support for all 4 business success platform services;
  2. All post setup, ongoing daily ServiceM8 management support and any team training;
  3. Annual Elementor Pro WordPress License;
  4. Website Hosting and Backup;
  5. All website optimisation labour and amendments are also covered
  6. All Social media marketing activities (except paid for advertising) and labour are covered;
  7. Xero Accounting Software License monthly Fee;
  8. All Bookkeeping costs to conduct all your weekly data entry is covered by your monthly fee;
  9. All Accounting costs are also covered by your fixed monthly fee. This includes monthly financial reports, payroll activities, any VAT returns, annual tax returns and personal tax returns for any shareholders/owners of business;

Are there any additional costs?

Other than the 'Set-Up Fee and the Fixed Monthly Fee, which doesn't start until the set-up is complete; There are no additional costs from LibAbun for our Services.

You will need to purchase and pay for your own ServiceM8 or Keap CRM License. You can pay this monthly or annually. There are four different options and because of this variable monthly amount we require you to pay this separately yourself. We will set you up on ServiceM8 or Keap and manage your License for you.

If you agree to pay for any Social Media advertising or Google Ads, you will need to pay for these in addition to your fixed monthly Fee. (This is only an option and is not compulsory to conduct paid advertising).

Is there a fixed term contract?

Short Answer - 'Yes'. There is an initial '26 week' contract period to give us the time to honour our '26 week' Profit Guarantee. After this initial period you will be a on a rolling monthly agreement with us. You can then leave whenever you like. However, we know you will want to remain in our service partnership for as long as you are getting value. If your getting value why would you ever want to leave a great partnership?

Remember, we do offer you a '26 week' profit guarantee. This means we expect you to allow us the first '26 weeks' to improve your monthly gross profit by more than your fixed monthly fee. This will make your investment in your business a profitable one.

If there are any issues, how do I raise them?

Should you have any issues or questions about our service, your first point of contact, will be through your respective 'Liberator' for that service. If you are not happy that the issue has been addressed you can raise it with their Service Manager or directly with Neil Sinclair the Founder of LibAbun. Either way it will always be addressed.


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