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Keap Pro: Everything you get in Keap Grow plus more automation & Ecommerce options

Keap Pro offers small businesses a system that really focuses on boosting your marketing and sales automation and your Ecommerce all in the one CRM system. You get everything that is on offer in Keap Grow plus additional automation capabilities. 

With Keap Pro you get to further enhance your marketing automation options. There is a more detailed sales pipeline for automation purposes. You get access to the campaign builder and Landing Page builder to collect more leads. You can also take recurring payments for subscriptions, memberships and direct debits.

Keap Pro offers you all this and more. Check out our short demonstration video

Watch This Short Video…

Key facts you’ll want to know…

  1. You will be on a rolling monthly agreement, paying monthly in advance. You can cancel whenever you want.
  2. Keap is super easy to setup and super easy to learn. It comes with a series of onboarding training videos – total 1-hour
  3. BONUS – LibAbun Business Coaching are gifting you Free two ‘Pre-built’ Follow-up campaigns to help you automate your business – Value £198
  4. Extra Bonus – Once You have purchased Keap Pro through this site, LibAbun will arrange a 1-hour review of your Businesses process and what are the best automation campaigns for you to save time and make more sales.

Get Started On Keap Pro Today….

BONUS - Get These Pre-built Campaigns For Your Keap Pro App ONLY from us here at LibAbun
Absolutely FREE - (Normal Retail Value £299)

Networking/New Contact Follow Up Campaign

In this pre-built campaign easily upload new contacts information into your Keap application, then;

  • Automatically send them a nice to meet you email
  • automate option to book a 15-minute call then a 1-2-1
  • Sync directly to your online calendar to book appointments and reschedule if necessary

Post Sales 3-Day Follow up Campaign

In this pre-built campaign easily follow up your customers, then;

  • Automate the follow-up of every customer after 3-days;
  • Find out if customers are satisfied with your service;
  • Automatically collect reviews and recommendations.

Manage your contacts activity, history and payments all in one place – Keap Pro.

Keap Pro CRM Dashboard

Everything you get in Keap Grow and more. Add your contacts and leads to Keap Pro, sync your outlook or gmail to store and manage all your data. Schedule and manage your contact appointments. Send quotes, invoices and get paid on the one system. Follow up all prospects and contacts with automated emails.

Easily see and manage sales activity on your sales in your sales pipeline. Use Keap Pro’s campaign builder to easily build out and manage comprehensive marketing, sales and customer service campaigns. Gain access to our unique Landing page builder to professionally capture more leads. Take recurring payments online and dramatically reduce having to chase clients for payments

Give new leads impressive and ongoing follow up.

Easily add a new lead in Keap Pro and choose which follow-up email campaign you want to place them on. 

Send an Introduction email.

Invite contacts to meet by simply selecting an available date in your Keap synced calendar.

Send an automated quote, that is easily changed to an invoice at a click of a button and take payment through that invoice.

Every contact can be put on an automated follow-up, nurturing or reminder system. No-one needs to fall through your follow-up cracks again!

Keap Pro Marketing Automation
Keap Pro CRM Sales Pipeline automation

Sales Pipeline Automation to win more business

Manage your contacts through your Sales Pipeline using the dashboard. Map out and Set up your own Sales stages and then easily move your contacts to each stage as they progress their enquiries.

The dashboard helps you easily identify who you need to prioritise to contact and increase sales

Generate More Leads through a Landing Page Builder.

The Landing page builder in Keap Pro has dozens of pre-built out templates for you to market your business. Simply choose a template, edit any areas you want to change and then publish the landing page.

No coding required to successfully publish your new landing pages and you can quickly start collecting more targeted leads.

The landing page builder is found inside the campaign builder and neither of these functions are available in Keap Grow.

Keap Pro Landing Pages
Keap Pro recurring payments

Easily set up recurring payments.

With Keap Pro and Keap Grow you have the ability to send out quotes, turn these quotes into Invoices and then take payment on line.

What Keap Pro also enables you to do is to set up ‘recurring payments’ for subscriptions, membership fees or simply a regular payment. You determine the timeline between payments in Keap Pro.

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