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Keap Pro From

£ 79 Monthly
  • 2500 Contact
  • 3 Users
  • Additional Contacts & Users Available
  • Speak with us for any monthly specials deals

Key facts you’ll want to know…

  1. You will be on a rolling monthly agreement, paying monthly in advance. You can cancel whenever you want.
  2. Keap is super easy to setup and super easy to learn. It comes with a series of onboarding training videos – total 1-hour
  3. BONUS – LibAbun Business Coaching are gifting you Free two ‘Pre-built’ Follow-up campaigns to help you automate your business – Value £198
  4. Extra Bonus – Once You have purchased Keap Pro through this site, LibAbun will arrange a 1-hour review of your Businesses process and what are the best automation campaigns for you to save time and make more sales.

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Managing Your Business Through The COVID-19 Pandemic

If your in business, its vital that you survive through this Pandemic. Book a 1-hour complimentary COVID19 Business Finance Review with us to help you plan and manage your business through this crisis.