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Keap Grow: Everything you need to organise your day, save time & simplify your growth.

Is your business spread across many different apps and tools that dont work together? Keap Grow brings a lot of this into one platform for you to have easy access in the one place.

Are you running and storing your business communications in your emails? Are you then booking and recording appointments on a different system. Do you then quote and invoice customers on a different system again? Do any of these tools offer you any automation that seamlessly flows together. All these activities and more are syncronised, collated and stored on one system! 

Keap Grow offers you all this and more.

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Key facts you’ll want to know…

  1. You will be on a rolling monthly agreement with Keap, paying monthly in advance. You can cancel your Keap Account whenever you want.
  2. Keap Grow is super easy to setup and super easy to learn. It comes with a series of onboarding training videos – total 1-hour
  3. BONUS – LibAbun Business Coaching are gifting you Free two ‘Pre-built’ Follow-up campaigns to help you automate your business – Value £198
  4. Extra Bonus – Once You have purchased Keap Grow through this site, LibAbun will arrange a 1-hour review of your Businesses process and what are the best automation campaigns for you to save time and make more sales.

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Keap Grow Dashboard

All your contacts activity and history managed in one place – Keap Grow.

Add your contacts and leads to keap grow, sync your outlook or Gmail to store and manage all your data. Schedule and manage your contact appointments. Send quotes, invoices and get paid on the one system. Follow up all prospects and contacts with automated emails. All this activity is recorded on each contact individual file.

Give new leads quick and impressive follow up.

Easily add a new lead in Keap Grow and choose which follow-up email you want to send them. 

Send an introduction email.

Invite contacts to meet by simply selecting an available date in your Keap synced calendar.

Send an automated quote, that is easily changed to an invoice at a click of a button and take payment through that invoice.

Keap Grow quick actions follow up Libabun
Keap Grow Automated Appointments Booking

Automate appointment booking to win more business

Sync your google calendar or ical to Keap Grow and automate appointment bookings. Your Keap Grow appointment system stops the need for multiple missed return calls trying to coordinate and book appointments.

Contacts only see available appointments and your calendar updates in real time.

You and your contact both receive reminders of the scheduled appointment so more meetings happen.

Send a quote turn it to an invoice, take payment.

Send contacts out a quote direct from Keap Grow. You are automatically notified when that contact has opened your quote.

Contacts accept or decline each quote with a click of button. Once accepted you can turn that same quote into an Invoice with a couple of clicks of your mouse. Return the Invoice to the contact and take payment online through Keap Grow.

Keap Grow syncs with Quickbooks and Xero making your online financial reporting seamless.

Keap Grow Quotes, Invoices and payment
Keap Grow Quotes and Invoices Dashboard

Easily ‘Keap track’ of quotes, invoices, and payments.

All your quotes, invoices and payments through Keap Grow and monitored and tracked so you know exactly the situation of each quote, invoice or payment.

You can easily see in one place which contacts have been sent quotes or invoices. You will get notified immediately when a contact has opened your quote or invoice or when a payment is made online by a customer.

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