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Infusionsoft Kick Start Kiwi Experience

Mixing Business With Pleasure Down Under In New Zealand.

Mix Business With Pleasure – The Trip Of A Lifetime Visiting New Zealand on the ‘Infusionsoft Kick Start Kiwi Experience’!

The Infusionsoft Kick-Start Kiwi Experience

US$7,999Up To 3 Instalments available.
  • If you want an Opportunity to combine “Business with Pleasure” and see one of the most beautiful places on Earth – come spend some time with us in New Zealand! Come build out with us your entire marketing, sales and customer services automated systems. Invest 3 days with us 1-2-1 building out these automated systems at our offices in New Zealand. Then take some time after to see one of the most beautiful places on Earth and have some fun. That makes it a Tax deductible trip!
  • Customize the project scope to meet your unique business needs
  • Import all your current Data into Infusionsoft
  • Set Up Your Brand & Logo Templates
  • Set up your specified Marketing Tag Categories and Tags
  • Set Up Your Lead Scoring System and Lead Score Reports on your Dashboard
  • Set Up your customised business dashboard for enhanced management
  • Design and implement 8-10 customised Marketing campaigns fully automated to generate new leads.
  • Design and implement 6-8 customised Customer Services campaigns to keep in contact with your existing customers
  • Design and Implement Your Sales Funnel Stages
  • Design and Implement Your Ecommerce Products/Services and Order Forms.
  • Mapping out with you any possible future Marketing, Sales and Customer Services automation strategies to be implemented.
  • NOTE: There will be some ‘pre and post’ work to be completed by both parties either side of the 3-Day 1-2-1 workshop in New Zealand.

It Makes Sense Mixing Business & Pleasure – The Infusionsoft Kick Start Kiwi Experience!

It’s Good Business Sense! – Come down under to New Zealand, visiting our Offices in Christchurch New Zealand to conduct a three-day ‘Infusionsoft Kick Start Kiwi Experience’. During these three days, we will work with you 1-2-1 on building out your Infusionsoft Application setting up all your campaigns for your Marketing, Sales and Customer services campaigns and systems.

This will give you a break from your normal work routine where for three solid days, together we will totally ‘Work On’ your business not in it! You’ll get to relax in this change of environment in a beautiful and comfortable environment knowing that at the completion of these three days you are well on your way to setting up automation in all the key areas of your business like you never have done before!

What’s more is that upon completion of these three days, you will venture out to see everything that enchanting New Zealand has install for you. 

Mixing Pleasure After Some Business – New Zealand ‘An Enchanted Journey’! 

Visiting New Zealand comes with a warning – “You may get so enchanted you won’t want to leave!” Experience the sights, the culture and nature of one of the most beautiful places on earth.

We have views that will take your breath away. New Zealand is the home of the Middle Earth films. We have beaches in the summer months and ski fields in the winter months. We have International award winning vineyards and restaurants to die for. If you are an outdoors adventure person or a simple walking track person we have a huge range of that too. From walking tracks to mountain biking tracks; from scuba diving to sky diving; from geothermal hot spa pools to aquamarine natural fresh water pools; we have bungy-jumping, jet boating, canoeing, and kayaking. We have some of the most beautiful golf courses in the world. We have hunting and fishing on land, sea, and rivers. We have guided tours and experiences throughout this beautiful country. You’re spoilt for choice and this trip would be magical for you. 

You can find out more about your options on the New Zealand Tourism site here. Our team at LibAbun would also be happy to help coordinate anything for you as well. Just let us know. Simply complete the forms on this page to initiate contact. 

Of course, once your enchanted trip is over, you will need to get back to work to finalise with us the Infusionsoft Kick Start Kiwi Experience post-workshop implementation.

Step 3 – Talk With Us At Libabun About Your Options & Any Special Offers.

Discuss with Us Your Preferred Option & See What Specials We Have.

Complete any of the forms on this page to discuss what you think is your preferred options. We’ll discuss with you the Infusionsoft License options and which one best suits your needs. We will also discuss which ‘Kick-Start’ Package is best for your business needs too.

Find out what ‘Specials’ or ‘Promotions’ we currently have on. These change from month to month so contact us now to find out!