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Lifecycle Marketing Workshop.

During this Free 2-Hour Lifecycle Marketing Workshop you will learn the concept of Lifecycle Marketing. You’ll identify what leaks you have in your Marketing, Sales, and customer services pipeline.

We will show you how to ‘plug’ these leaks in your pipeline. You’ll learn you how you can use some simple automation to communicate with and follow up every lead, prospect, or customer who has been in your pipeline.

You have a choice to attend the next scheduled ‘Live workshop’ or you can choose to watch a ‘Recorded workshop’ that is on-demand for you to watch at a time of your choosing. Register below to choose which option you prefer.

“We haven’t found one business who has attended these workshops that didn’t have ‘any leaks to plug’. Every business to date has got value from attending this Free Workshop, so we have ‘every reason’ to believe you would get massive benefit too.

Lifecycle Marketing Workshop

Next Lifecycle Marketing Workshop: Tuesday 1st December 12.30pm-2.30pm
Location: Online Zoom Training Room

Learn how to efficiently collect leads, convert clients and create fans.

During this two hour Lifecycle Marketing Workshop we will take you through the three elements and nine phases you need to be aware of and use in your business.

We will show you how to plug any gaps you have in each of these nine phases.

You will also see examples of how you can automate many of these areas to massively increase your productivity, sales and cashflow.

This workshop comes with a Free Workbook. Register today.

Lifecycle Marketing Workbook

Register To Download Your Workshop Workbook

This Free workshop also includes a 'Lifecycle Marketing' Workbook you will use during the workshop to list the best ideas and strategies for your business.

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