Learn & Discover More About Small Business Coaching

Small Business Coaching helps you learn and apply the success principles bigger businesses already benefit from.

Small Business Coaching Program

Target Market – Our Small Business Coaching has been designed specifically for businesses which have an annual turnover of between 100,000 – 300,000. This Small business coaching is perfect for start-ups with a small team. If you have a business and you want to ‘speed up’ your business growth, we invite you to speak with us.

Here’s a question for you? “Consider your business performance and results during the last couple of years. Out of a scale of 1-10, how would you rate your leadership and management of your business? Have you been investing time to work on your business knowledge, skills and systems much? Or, do you find you spend nearly all your time working in your business doing a ‘day-job’?

Here is a Small Business coaching program that can help you dramatically improve your results…

Libabun Business Coaching 26 Week Guarantee

How Small Business Coaching Works

How is the Small Business Coaching Program different from the LibAbun-BEN Program?

Our Small Business Coaching is conducted with you every two weeks via an online video chat via a Zoom Meeting Room.

Each Business coaching session is up to 45 minutes in duration.  The program covers a wide range of topics including;

  • Setting your goals and getting your vision right for your business;
  • How to construct an appropriate business plan for your small business you’ll actually use
  • How to correctly setup and manage financial reporting for your business
  • Marketing and Sales strategies that will actually work for you;
  • How to recruit, train, manage and lead a high performance team;
  • A vast array of business automation strategies to help boost your productivity

Between our Small Business coaching sessions, you will have approximately 5 hours of ‘business development work’ outside of these fortnightly sessions to work on your business.

In addition to these fortnightly sessions, you also get an invitation to attend to our Quarterly Business Planning training sessions via an online classroom.

You will also gain membership to our ‘LibAbunLAB’ online membership portal. This contains dozens of training videos for you and any team you want to have access to this material.

Achieving More Business Through A Fully Supportive & Pragmatic Small Business Coaching Environment

This type of small business coaching program also gives you the opportunity to network with other business owners of similarly sized businesses. When you join LibAbun’s highly successful Small Business Coaching, you get access to hundreds of Business growth and automation strategies. These include the most successful business strategies and resources available for businesses of your size and developmental needs today.

Learn and Share From Business Leaders

You’ll be bouncing ideas off Business Coaches and Trainers who themselves are business owners just like you. Many have already achieved successes in their current and previous fields. You’re amongst leaders you can share with and learn from. Our Small Business Coaching Services are a forum for educational and practical learning. This specifically gets you focused on what you can do today to get your business moving towards the next level of goals you aspire to achieve.

You’ll finish each small business coaching session knowing not only “what” you need to do to over the next two weeks, but also the “how” you’re going to get that done.

Once we have helped you to achieve an annual turnover of approximately £300,000 or more, you and your business are then ready to graduate to the next level. Our One-on-one Business coaching is designed to better leverage your systems and team for even greater business coaching results.

What You Do Next – Conduct A Business Growth Audit With Us…

Before we put any Business Owner into either our Small Business Coaching or a ‘One-to-One’ Business Coaching program, we always require to first conduct with them a ‘Business Growth Audit’.

We do this to help you and us first assess, what state is your business in and what are the opportunities to improve it, then we can recommend the best program for you and your business.

Register For Your ‘Business Growth Audit’ Now To Identify Your Growth Opportunities…