Complimentary Coaching Session

Why & How To Conduct A Complimentary Coaching Session?

Conducting a Complimentary Coaching Session with the LibAbun Team is a FREE service and is offered to you to firstly help address any immediate issues you have in your business. It is also offered for you to understand how we Coach Small Businesses to get their ‘Faith and Belief’ back in their business. This happens by get clarity on how to achieve real growth in your business and then taking action to make it happen. 

During this Complimentary Coaching Session we will look at ‘what’ results you are currently seeking in your business; ‘how’ you are currently managing and leading your business; and then identify the best opportunities that can be applied in your business to better achieve your business goal(s).

Conducting a Complimentary Coaching Session is done in a few simple steps;

1.   You initiate the process by completing your details in the form on this page and then answer a few short questions about how you are currently running your business;

2.   You will then be given online access to our LibAbun appointments calendar, to book a ’30-minute review call’ with a LibAbun Team member to go through and clarify what you are looking to achieve. 

3.   For 95% of the Businesses we speak to, we identify a significant number of business development strategies, tools and systems, that you aren’t applying, which can be implemented to help you grow, automate and thrive in business. 

If you are not sure that conducting a Complimentary Coaching Session is the right thing for you, well you have a number of options available to you.

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