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Business Coaching Programs & Business Coaching and Training Services…

We have designed our range of Business Coaching Programs & Business Coaching and Training Services with you in mind. Our primary purpose is to “Coach and train Small Businesses how to grow, automate and thrive in business.” As such, we have designed our services so that some sort of Coaching and Training is accessible and affordable for every Small Business. Every program will help you to grow, automate and thrive in business and it is a profitable strategy for you.

As you look through our range of Business Coaching and Training services, you will see there are many different aspects to our services to help you grow, automate and thrive. However, there are three clearly defined aspects you should be aware of:

  1. There are three different Coaching services available, depending on the size and need of your business. These are 1-2-1 Coaching, Group Coaching and the ‘Business Educational Network’ groups;
  2. All customers are encouraged to use our LibAbun Business Planning system which is a core component of all our Business Coaching programs. We both must simply know, understand and manage your critical numbers in your business to take control and create sustainable growth;
  3. At LibAbun, we encourage small businesses to use CRM software Keap or Infusionsoft by Keap. The reason for this is that we have many automation & growth tools available through the use of this software in your business. 

All our Coaching programs come with our “26-Week Guarantee” whereby, if we agree to work with you, we will guarantee to increase your monthly gross profit, by more than your monthly investment in our Coaching Program. If we do not achieve that with you inside 26-weeks, then our coaching services will be ‘Free’ until we have . This in effect guarantees that our services are profitable for you inside 26-weeks.

Complimentary Coaching Session

Complimentary Coaching Session

One-to-One business coaching offers the fastest results…

Are you ready to increase your sales, cashflow or profits? Are you ready to manage and lead a better team for higher performance? Are you open to systemising your business to free up more time?

Our One-to-One Business Coaching services are designed to give you profitable results in the shortest possible time. So much so, that if we agree to work with you, we guarantee profitable results for you within 26 weeks. For us to guarantee those sort of results, we have to conduct a ‘Business Growth Audit‘ with you to discuss your business goals, and to identify the business development opportunities, to help you achieve them.

This ‘Business Growth Audit‘ takes about 2-hours and is complimentary. There are only a handful of these appointments available each week, so you will need to book these appointment typically 2-3 weeks in advance.

Complimentary Business Growth Audit

Complimentary Business Growth Audit

How’s business? Could it be better?

Lets find out with a complimentary Business Growth Audit and discover smarter ways to grow by 30%.

In just 2-hours we can identify the key business strategies to apply in your business to profitably and sustainably grow, automate and thrive in business.

one to one business coaching

One-on-One Business Coaching

Try Before You Buy!

Have you ever had any business coaching?…

If you have it would be great to hear about it and you can still have A Complimentary Coaching Session with LibAbun and if you haven’t had business coaching before then it’s time to find out what it’s all about and undertake the LibAbun Complimentary Coaching Session?

Group Business Coaching

Small Business Coaching

Target Market  – Our Small Business Coaching has been designed specifically for businesses which have an annual turnover of between 100,000 – 300,000. This Small business coaching is perfect for start-ups with a small team. If you have a business and you want to ‘speed up’ your business growth, we invite you to speak with us.

LibAbun LivePlan Business Planning

Business Planning with LibAbun

All our customers, regardless as to which Coaching or training program they are on, are given the education and tools to conduct Small Business Planning to really create sustainable growth in their businesses. Business Planning in your business is critical to have clarity as to where you are going, what are the most important facets to work on and to manage your progress toward achieving these goals.

You will get to collate your planning using our planning templates and using your real numbers in your business to collate a realistic quarterly business plan, a quarterly forecast, budget and tax planning as well. Our planning tools integrate fully with online accounting software, Xero and Quickbooks to provide you with graphs and a dashboard to really empower your business management and decision.

Our Business Planning system systematically revolves around a quarterly 90-Day Planning system. You will get to learn how to conduct the ‘4-R’s’ in business – record, report, review and reassess, very effectively to be in total control of your business growth, sales, and profitability.

Business Educational Networking

Business Educational Networking

Our LibAbunBEN – Business Educational Network Groups conduct a weekly meeting at a specified location.

Our LibAbunBEN Business Educational Network is designed specifically to introduce Small Businesses to a regular weekly business development schedule that works on a business development strategy to help you grow, automate and thrive in business.

You’ll learn how to grow all the numbers represented in your business over time in a systematic way. You’ll also develop a ‘trusted network’ of ‘Like-minded’ Small Business people. All Members get to learn about, develop, share and grow their business plans and goals with the other members.

We Coach Small Businesses How To Grow, Automate & Thrive Using Infusionsoft!

The team at LibAbun are ‘Certified Keap Infusionsoft by Keap Partners’ where we can train and advise Small Business Owners how to automate many facets of their marketing, sales, customer services, business reporting and so much more.

Keap & Infusionsoft by Keap is an online CRM – Customer Relationship Manager system that is specifically designed to help Small Businesses, grow, automate and thrive in business. This is another brilliant automation tool for Small Businesses to really enhance your productivity, sales and growth and save time doing it.

You can find out more about Keap & Infusionsoft by Keap and our Coaching and training services on how to use it here. 

Keap Infusionsoft by Keap
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