20 April, 2014

Printer Grows By Over One Million

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Printer Grows By Over One Million... Printer Grows By Over One Million... Gross Profit up by 22% Net Profit up by 164%   When Peter Knight - MD of Printerbase first met his Business Coach, little did he know he would soon have a headline 'Printer Grows By Over One Million'. "At the time I met my Business Coach my business lacked direction. It was [...]

20 April, 2014

Working Twenty Five Less Hours

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Working Twenty Five Less Hours... Working Twenty Five Less Hours...Sales UP 31%     Jenny Todd, owner of No Nonsense Business Support, turned to a Business Coach when she realised that what she badly needed was some support herself! She was putting in an 80-hour week and couldn’t see how the situation was going to ease, but after a few short months, she is now [...]