Business Case Studies

Business Case Studies

In this Business Case Studies category. We have included literally dozens of different industries we have worked with. The primary focus of these business case studies is to help them grow, automate and thrive.

You will discover what these businesses were like before and after working with a Business Coach.

You will learn what we did to help these businesses. How they overcame any challenges they had. What they did to start growing their business.

You’ll get an insight into how we applied business development strategies to help these businesses. How we also worked with their teams to literally transform themselves.

You get to read about some of the results in each business. We indicate how they came about.  What were some of the business development strategies we coached and advised them in?

You will start to realise that even though these business Industries are very different, there are some common themes amongst them.

life force fitness

Life Force Fitness Testimonial

Life Force Fitness – A Testimonial from the Fitness & Lifestyle sector Dear Neil, I want to thank you for a great business audit session last week. You went through the critical aspects of my business, checking the status of each and making useful suggestions along the way. In particular, as promised, you focused on …

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Infusionsoft Lifecycle Marketing

Lifecycle Marketing

Lifecycle Marketing, Sales and Customer Services Automation. Have you ever thought – ‘I could and should do a much better job at marketing my business?’ Lifecycle marketing is a three-phased framework devised and developed by Infusionsoft specifically for small businesses to help you transform your marketing, sales and customer services activities. Most Small Businesses are making …

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Cleancorp Cleaning Service uses Infusionsoft

Cleancorp Cleaning Service

Cleancorp Cleaning Services Uses Infusionsoft Cleancorp Cleaning Service Lisa and Hamish own Cleancorp, a national cleaning service based in Sydney, Australia. They’ve been in business for almost 20 years, and are now growing every month. Despite early growth, Lisa and Hamish lacked the organization and process to reliably attract, convert and retain customers. They faced …

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Bed and Breakfast Uses Infusionsoft

Le Molyneaux Bed and Breakfast Bed and Breakfast Uses Infusionsoft Les Molyneux Bed and Breakfast Uses Infusionsoft To Accommodate Real Business Growth… Yvonne Halling, Owner of Les Molyneux luxury Bed and Breakfast uses Infusionsoft to market, sell, welcome and keep in contact with all her contacts and customers of her business. Yvonne believes the purpose …

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Managing Your Business Through The COVID-19 Pandemic

If your in business, its vital that you survive through this Pandemic. Book a 1-hour complimentary COVID19 Business Finance Review with us to help you plan and manage your business through this crisis.