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Business Networking – MK Diamond Chapter…

The MK Diamond Chapter Business Networking Group is a very successful Networking Group that is delivering in excess of 1200 referrals a year to its members and has an average seat value for Business received in excess of £22,000 per member.

Now even though the numbers above are impressive from any marketing strategy for a small business, we all know that when you get to mix business with pleasure it makes Networking a very profitable and enjoyable experience for you.

Initially as a Guest and then later if you become a member of our business networking group you are developing trust and rapore with a Business Network of other like-minded business owners as there is a social element to the Networking as well! We all know that being a business owner can sometimes be a lonely place, so when you are having fun with the people you are doing business with, this makes it easier to succeed in business.

£28,167 Reasons Why You Should Try Out Our Business Networking Group!

Because the value of every new member is in excess of £22,902 over a 12 month period, we are offering new members a ‘Special Bonus Offer’ of discounted services for every new member valued at £5265! That is a total value in excess of £28,167

This is for a limited time and ‘terms and conditions’ apply, which require you to be an active member before you can claim these bonuses.

Register your details below to be our guest at our next Business Networking Event and Download and checkout our ‘Special Bonus Offer’ now...

We Are Offering A ‘Special Bonus Offer’ Worth £5265!

MK Diamond Special Offer Bonus

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