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Business Growth Audit

Why & How To Conduct A Business Growth Audit?

Conducting a Business Growth Audit with the LibAbun Team is a FREE service and is like giving yourself and your Business a ‘Business Health Check’. During this Business Growth Audit we will look at ‘what’ results you are currently achieving in your business; ‘how’ you are currently managing and leading your business; what are your goals for your business; and then identify the best business growth audit opportunities that can be applied in your business to better achieve your business goals.

Conducting a Complimentary Business Automation and Growth Audit is done in a few simple steps;

1.   You initiate the process by completing your details in the form on this page and then answer a few short questions about how you are currently running your business. This will take you about 12-15 minutes depending on the amount of detail you supply in some of your answers;

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2.   You will then be given online access to our LibAbun appointments calendar, to book a ’30-minute review call’ with a LibAbun Team member to go through and clarify your initial answers to the questionnaire you just completed. It’s vital we do this with you because our Business Advisor, who does the 2-hour Business Growth Audit with you, will conduct about 1-2 hours of research work on your business prior to conducting the 2-hour Business Growth Audit with you. 

3.   Once we have had this 30-minute review, we will also send you out some further information about how we could help you and also give you access to an online video that explains the framework we have used to helped hundreds of business grow their business and achieve their goals.

4.   Once we have completed the 2-hour Business Growth Audit with you. If we identify enough business growth opportunities in your business, we will demonstrate to you how working with us will be a profitable strategy for you. We will ONLY offer to work with you if, we do manage to identify enough business growth opportunities, and we then can demonstrate to you how working with us will be a profitable strategy for you.  Only then, will we both know if this is something that is right for you and your business?  We can then discuss any options to help you from there.

For 85% of the Businesses we speak to, we identify a significant number of business development strategies, tools and systems, that you aren’t applying, which can be implemented to help you grow, automate and thrive in business. 

If you are not sure that conducting a Business Growth Audit is the right thing for you, well you have a number of options available to you.