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What Is A Business Angel?

A Business Angel is an Business Investor who uses their personal disposable finance and business or professional experience to invest in the growth of a small business, generally in start-up or early stage.

Business Angel investors can make investments on their own or as part of a group (syndicate). 

After approaching us for an Investment and support/advice in the growth of a Business, If an Business Angel or a syndicate of Business Angels, decide to make an investment in the Business, the Business Angel(s) would normally take shares in the business in return for providing equity finance and/or advice and ongoing support. In so doing, the Business Angel(s) will be sharing not only their money, but also their own expertise and knowledge in running a business.

Not only do all the Business Angels have the potential to gain a return on their investment, but they will have the personal satisfaction of seeing other Entrepreneurs and the enterprise succeed and create greater levels of abundance for all, which clearly is the ‘Libabun Business Angel Vision and Mission.

There is a magnitude of entrepreneurs across the UK and New Zealand with great business ideas and excellent growth potential. Providing equity finance, combined with access to skills, advice, enhanced business structures and market contacts can be the most effective way to help them to accelerate their development and achieve commercial success.

Business Angel investing can be both enjoyable and rewarding for all parties involved. Nevertheless Angel investing does carry risks as well as rewards for all parties concerned, as with all financial investments and we should always take a thoroughly professional assessment on the opportunity to work together. This will take some time to conduct professionally, yet it is designed to be that way to help minimise risk, maximise the potential for a successful investment and give all parties more clarity on how the whole partnership through working with a Business Angel(s) can best benefit all.




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