27 February, 2019

Modern Accountancy and Bookkeeping

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Mad Hatters Accountancy - Modern Accountancy and Bookkeeping Hello! Firstly, thank you to LibABun for inviting me to speak at the Growth, Automate and Thrive Summit. Here at Mad Hatters Accountancy, we like to think of ourselves as your one-stop shop for your business finance department. Providing you with the tools to help make your business grow. We supply you with; accounting software [...]

21 February, 2019

Life Force Fitness Testimonial

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Life Force Fitness - A Testimonial from the Fitness & Lifestyle sector Dear Neil, I want to thank you for a great business audit session last week. You went through the critical aspects of my business, checking the status of each and making useful suggestions along the way. In particular, as promised, you focused on my marketing, promotional and sales activities. You made [...]

21 February, 2019

Excellence Aviation Testimonial

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Excellence Aviation - A Testimonial from an aviation business. What might we be able to do for a aviation business, this is what Aviation Excellence had to say; Things going well here. We are opening a base at Stansted and  Farnborough this January. Also we are in final weeks is a buy out, should be done by 14th January. David Dees taking care of [...]

19 February, 2019

Lifecycle Marketing – Grow Automate & Thrive Summit Topic 1

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So What Exactly is Lifecycle Marketing? Lifecycle Marketing. Here’s another term to add to your digital marketing lexicon: lifecycle marketing. This subject is being talked about in detail at our upcoming "Grow, Automate and Thrive" 1-Day Business Summit in Milton Keynes on 24th April 2019. This can be one of the best goodwill generating concepts in the world of digital marketing and, [...]

28 October, 2018

Financial Management Of Your Small Business.

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Financial Management Of Your Small Business Learning and applying the skill and discipline to regularly conduct the proper and correct Financial management of your Small Business is one of the key success factors in business today. Yet I am amazed how the majority of Small Business Owners cannot read and fully understand a Profit and Loss Statement, let alone interpret what strategies to [...]

5 July, 2018

New Business Networking Groups

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Finally A Fresh Approach To Business Networking... Have you done any Business Networking at all? If so, you'll know that 'traditional' Business Networking that focuses mainly on lead generation and referrals, although helpful, is simply not enough to be successful in business these days. There's so much more to learn and do! We understand that being a Small Business Owner can sometimes feel a lonely [...]

21 April, 2016

Lifecycle Marketing

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Lifecycle Marketing, Sales and Customer Services Automation. Have you ever thought - 'I could and should do a much better job at marketing my business?' Lifecycle marketing is a three-phased framework devised and developed by Infusionsoft specifically for small businesses to help you transform your marketing, sales and customer services activities. Most Small Businesses are making the mistake of not developing a comprehensive approach [...]

18 January, 2016

Blog 25 Automation Strategies Small Businesses Should Apply

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25 Automation Strategies Small Businesses Should Apply... Making business easier, driving more value to prospects and customers, as well increasing the overall value of the business occurs through one word 'Automation'...  Bigger businesses seem to be on top of Automation...They always respond to requests for information immediately. They can retrieve your lost password when needed. They can remind you about your next appointment [...]

21 December, 2015

Cleancorp Cleaning Service

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Cleancorp Cleaning Services Uses Infusionsoft Cleaning Services Since 1998 Eight Since 2007 Sydney, Australia Cleancorp Cleaning Service Lisa and Hamish own Cleancorp, a national cleaning service based in Sydney, Australia. They’ve been in business for almost 20 years, and are now growing every month. [...]

21 December, 2015

Behavioural Marketing

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Behavioural Marketing Is 'SMART Marketing'... Finally an article on 'Smarter Marketing' that is a 'common sense' approach but unfortunately its not 'common practise'.  Not quite 'Gone are the days' where you can offer a person in your target market a 'lead generator' such as a short video or an ebook and expect a sale straight from this first contact. Yet these days are 'going' and [...]