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Neil Sinclair founder of Libabun
Neil Sinclair founder of Libabun

‘6 Steps To A Business Success’

Free Business Development Seminar…

Here’s Why You Need To Stay Ahead Of Your Game…

“The pace of change in Business today is the slowest you will ever experience it at any time in the future” – Neil Sinclair

“Join me and my team for just 2 hours and experience my wildly successful ‘6 Steps To Business Success’ Seminar.6 Steps to Business Success - Libabun

I’ll share with you ‘key business development strategies’ that I have used to buy, build and sell 3 businesses since 2001.

It is these same strategies that my team and I have used to successfully coach over 300 businesses since 2001 in dozens of different industries…

These are key strategies you need to know to ‘Leverage your business’ so you can work smarter to ‘Make Money’ rather than work harder to ‘earn money’!”

If you a looking for ways to improve your marketing, time management, sales, team management, systemisation or recruitment then this is the seminar for you! In just two hours I will help re-educate you on your business.

“Leverage is all about achieving more through your business that involves less work from you…” So what will you learn?

At this ‘6 Steps to a better business’ seminar you’ll learn how to:

1. Take your business from daily chaos to control through the key strategies with four areas of ‘Mastery’ in Destination Mastery, Financial Mastery, Delivery Mastery and Time Mastery;

2. Learn how to correctly identify and develop a ‘Highly Profitable Niche’ for your business so you can stop competing on price, deliver value and turn your advertising and marketing into an investment instead of an expense;

3. You’ll see how thousands of small and medium businesses have ‘systemised’ their business so that their teams are delivering all aspects of the business consistently to give the team, customers and the business owner a consistent quality experience and peace of mind;

4. Learn why the traditional recruitment methods no longer work as well and see how to recruit, motivate, educate and retain exceptional employees to develop a great team;

5. See real examples how other business owners have leveraged their time, business systems and team to maximise efficiency and profits through the application of this model;

6. Learn how to maintain high levels of drive and passion for your business and how you can get the quality of life that you started your business for in the first place within a few short months of doing business a little differently.




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